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Full Service Publishing Solutions For Select Authors For Over 40 Years

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You need to write, and we need to publish.

As long-time publishers we take care of of details for you so you can do what you have to do,
write, and write and write.
Many of these details are essentials that other book printers and publishers just don’t have the expertise in, or they just realize that they don’t fit neatly into their business model.
Our business model is defined by you. Not “you” the collective, but you as an individual. Just as the book you are writing is as unique as your personal experience and your own creative style, every book we publish takes on its own life and personality as a literary project. Every project that comes though our doors requires different specs.Our Publishing Company offers a lot of advantages you won’t find with other small publishers.
One major advantage we have are our close alliances with our distributors and wholesalers to tailor-design marketing campaigns that work with our distributors. And we have a wider distribution network than any other small press, including Ingram Worldwide, Baker and Taylor, Diamond Comics Distributors, Follett Corporation and in Europe, Libri GmbH.And our wholesalers including Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, Powells.com and many others..

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One important question to ask your publisher is whether they have a returnable policy on the books they sell to retailers. Aside from the bookselling giants such as Barnes and Noble, there has been a recent resurgence of independent booksellers. Bookstores and other retail outlets do not buy books from publishers unless they have a returnable policy. This is one of the biggest reasons that bookstores don’t stock books from certain presses. Most small presses and POD publishers do not offer returnable policies to retailers. We are one of the few small publishers that give retailers a full returnable policy on our books.

Other details, such as the practical production of leatherbound, limited editions with slipcases for those special events and special sales markets of book collectors worldwide.
Our company not only publish books in the English speaking markets around the world, but we can translate and publish your book in more than 25 different languages for worldwide distribution.

Then there is the marketing of your book. Each of the founding members of our publishing company have had no less than 30 years experience in editing, press relations, book and periodical design, and licensing and merchandising.
Your publicity and media is handled by Emmy Award and Golden Mike Award winning news directors and we are active members of the Radio Television News Writers Association.
And in addition to our long relationships with the brick and mortar booksellers such as Barnes and Noble which will help secure your book signing events and special promotions, we have on staff an online specialist who was formerly with Amazon.com and whose sole purpose at our company is to make sure your book project is attractive and sellable on Amazon and other online booksellers’ sites.

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One of the biggest bookselling markets is public libraries and university libraries. However these libraries must have books available on specially weighted acid-free papers and even special bindings. Perfect bound books if they are to sold to libraries must use a special burring process with only a library binding grade adhesive. Most printers and POD don’t have these capabilities.

Another detail other publishers haven’t worked out yet is how to faithfully reproduce black and white photographic illustrations in POD (Print On Demand digital) printing.
Most of the books published now by small presses are POD and this is a relatively low resolution, high speed printing process. POD equipment owned by companies such as Ingram’s Lightning Source have low resolution screening processes for black and white interior photographs. Through our publishing company, with the assistance of world renowned Art Director Andrew Candelaria (just one of the expert staff who may design your book), we have devised a sophisticated photo program which anticipates the low resolution screen capacity and in each photograph to be reproduced, compensates with our own adjustment filters. The result is remarkably beautiful black and white photographic reproduction, even in low resolution printing.

These details and many more add up to one thing – You write and we publish.

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