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Full Service Publishing Solutions For Select Authors For Almost 40 Years


For almost 40 years, we have been offering complete exclusive publishing services to select authors. McNae, Marlin and Mackenzie offers distinctive, customized publishing for well known authors, and Troika Publishing offers selective self-publishing solutions. Both of our imprints allow authors to partner with the best artists, editors and marketing experts in the industry to produce a literary masterpiece.
If you have a book in mind, let our staff help you realize the dream of becoming a successful published author. If you are already an established author, then we can help you have more control and input over your finished final book including marketing, promotion and distribution worldwide.

With us, you are not only the author, but the creator of your magnificent published work.
Your book is guaranteed to be produced exactly the way you envision it, and we will market your book with the expertise and experience of knowing your target market.

It’s a fact; we have the widest distribution of small publishers. Of course we have Worldwide Distribution through Ingram, and Baker and Taylor which includes the major wholesalers and retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powells, and 10,000’s of bookstores and Libraries worldwide. But unlike other small publishing companies, we also have distribution through Diamond Comics Distributors, Follett Corporation, and dozens of specialty independent book distributors across the country. We are the only small publisher distributing actively in South America and in Europe with Libri GmbH., Casa del Libro, la Librairie de l’Inconnu, and Libranda for both our English and foreign language editions.

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But even the widest distribution network gives people only bare access to your book in a sea of millions of others. access only means that if people hunt for your book it will be available. But you want people to know about your book – to want it. A book is only successful with aggressive marketing. And marketing is our strong point. This is one reason many well-known authors come to us. Nowadays, the large publishing houses in New York don’t give much individual attention or resources to writers and titles the way they used to. For starters, the Director of our Media and Publicity for your book has won 5 Emmy Awards from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for news feature writing, direction and production and is one of the most respected media professionals in television, radio and the press. The result is that every one of our authors is guaranteed extensive media coverage.

Our Publishing, Marketing and Distribution Services Include –

Complete Editing Services
Rewriting or Co-writing
Language Translation Services for International Editions
Book or Periodical Layout and Design
Illustration and Photography Services
Book Printing in Perfect Bound (Paperback) or Sewn (Hardcover) Editions
E Book production and Distribution through Kindle, Nook and Apple
Audio Book Production and distribution through Audible
Worldwide Distribution
Marketing, Promotion and Pubic Relations for Authors
Negotiation and sales of foreign rights to foreign publishers
Merchandising of products related to the book
Bookstore Signings and Appearances

Home Merchandising

Beyond book publishing and sales, we cross merchandise your book to create a strong brand and to enhance the experience of your title. Our expert merchandising staff are leaders in the field of licensing and merchandising and have been the creative force behind the design of the collectors Barbies and Hotwheels for Mattel and many other merchandising giants. We will come up with ingenious products and services from the content of your book and negotiate all merchandising and licensing deals for you.
Merchandising based on your book’s content not only increases revenue, but helps your content to come alive with your readers.”

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