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McNae, Marlin and Mackenzie, more commonly known today as M3 Publishers is the result of decades of growth and acquisitions. In 1982 a group of well-known authors editors and artists came together with the idea of starting a small press publishing company so that they could have more creative control and final decision-making abilities over their work. They also needed a publisher that would publish works that mainstream pubishers didn’t want to take a chance on. These authors included A. E. van Vogt; Ray Bradbury; Forrest J Ackerman; Arch Oboler; Robert Bloch; Harry Bates; Zenna Henderson; George Clayton Johnson, and film set designer and artist Ken Strickfaden. Their feeling was that many of their New York publishers weren’t doing an adequate job in creatively publishing and promoting some of their more valued book projects. As providence would have it there was a small press in Berkshire England that was available. For many reasons it was a better idea to continue with an existing, established small press rather than launch a new one. So along with the investment and support of these editors and authors it was decided to acquire the small press in Berkshire England named Morrison, Raven-Hill.

Morrison, Raven-Hill became a formidable small press publisher of books and periodicals specializing first in the fields of Gothic and classic horror, mystery, science fiction and fantasy and then branching out into non-fiction and history. They made a name for themselves in the area of fine, limited edition collectibles and unusual books that other publishers didn’t know how to promote or market. Morrison, Raven-Hill early on formed alliances with the major Hollywood production studios and distribution companies for the purposes of licensing motion picture and television properties for special editions and for foreign publication rights along with foreign publishers including Tessloff Verlag one of the largest publishers in Germany and Groupe Albin Michel in France.
In 1999 Morrison, Raven-Hill was acquired by Morrison, McNae Publishing originating in Glasgow, Scotland. Morrison, McNae has continued to produce high quality, distinctive editions, offering established authors and authors with highly desired content the ability to have their books produced without loosing the creative integrity and quality that they desire for their books. Morrison, McNae has branched out into many different fields offering eclectic interesting editions and they continued to offer motion picture and television licensed content worldwide. In 2015 Morrison, McNae Publishing was wholly acquired by McNae, Marlin and Mackenzie, with offices in Glasgow, New York and Los Angeles.

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Recognizing that there are authors who have wonderful and desirable content, but have no practical ways to present their material to publishers in New York or getting an effective literary agent, McNae, Marlin and Mackenzie have teamed up with the Troika Publishing Company, a selective but high quality self publishing house with complete art and design options available to authors as well as state of the art production facilities and the finest worldwide distribution available in publishing.

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