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A Wee Dram and a Wee Fright!

Haunts from the Highlands Is a masterful collection of classic horror and suspense stories by some of the greatest Scottish writers. Each of these literary gems has been expertly paired with a most appropriate single malt scotch whisky from one of the six distillery regions of Scotland, and matched with a complementary pipe smoking tobacco blend to keep you cozy as you curl up, protected in your arm-chair with a wool tartan blanket in front of the crackling fireplace.

You can find Haunts from the Highlands in both trade paperback and hardcover editions at all fine booksellers internationally including most Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Waterstones and Blackwell’s in Great Britain and Topping and Company, Scotland and in thousands of wonderful independent booksellers. The books are also available through most major online booksellers. Signed, Numbered Limited editions though sold out can be purchased when available from rare booksellers including John King; Bauman Books; Heritage or through ebay.

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